Introduction to My Prostate Cancer Survivor Fight


It is NOT a hopeless battle; Cancer is a bump in the road along the WAY called LIFE!

I'm still here!  Traveling my Path and Learning to Live, Love and Nurture!

Feeling great and getting healthier!

Healing Strong ~ Support Group

Orlando Florida ~ Hunters Creek

We are a local branch and support group affiliated with HealingStrong, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  We serve the Orlando and Central Florida area and are located in Hunters Creek, a community located South of Orlando Florida.  This group will focus on Cancer and how it may be reversed and above all Prevented with a Healthier Lifestyle.  As a member of this non-profit group we are open to all interested parties who wish to understand cancer, it's cause, treatment and reversal.  Please see our medical disclaimer.

We plan to hold regular meetings and invite you to attend.  When the group grows we will meet in one of the Hunters Creek facities.  We may also do web conferences, facebook live or Google Meetups in the future.  Please visit our FaceBook Group and contact us with any questions.

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Chart Your Pathway to Health!

Illness effects not only the patient but the entire family.  Utilizing a straightforward nutritional approach to health & healing is often difficult for the patient to explain.  We help the family understand the basics of a nutritional approach to healing. We work with you to educate your family and your doctors just what a Plant Based Lifestyle is all about.  It does not interfere with your current/planned medical treatments; it can only help them be more effective.


In many cases we have experienced and seen full reversal of many illnesses, elimination of medication/drugs and ongoing treatments.  You may save not only your life but you will save countless dollar$ no longer needed for drugs/medications.  The major side effect is more energy, better vitality, health and longevity!


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It's ALL About Lifestyle!

Eighth Year Nutritional Cancer Survivor

Does That Mean I'm Cured?


Maybe that's Why I've Been Banned from Cancer Support Groups?



You CAN feed a sick person well with Plant Based Lifestyle!


We are now offering a proprietary blend of CBD Oil that is

THC free so legal everywhere.


Gut Bacteria and How it Boosts Your Immune System


Natural Cancer Cures and Why You Don't Know About Them


Alternative Cancer Cures Exist and Have Been Suppressed

Kimberly Carter Gamble


Gut Bacteria and How it Boosts Your Immune System




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